"This was my first pregnancy and Madison was a great help. She would do weekly check-ins. She always checked on me after my doctors appointments. If I had any questions she was there to help and give me resources. Her advice was always genuine. If she was unavailable she would let me know and told me she had someone else if I went to labor. The day I went into labor she was amazing. Even though we had only meet once she felt like a friend. As soon as she got into the room she came to me and helped with labor pains. She also told my husband how he could help. My parents also loved her because she was so attentive to me. She answered there questions and took pictures. Right after I gave birth she was there with a snack. She stayed till I was settled in. I can not thank Madison enough for her help. My labor and delivery would have been so different and more difficult without her. I am so thankful that I had Madison there with me that day."

Elaura M.

"The first time we met Madison was over zoom after being randomly marched with her through UMC. I was very skeptical about having a doula even after the phone call and meeting her. She was very sweet and informative but I was still unsure about having a stranger help with what feels like the more intimate side of child labor. My husband told me it seemed I needed to give it a chance because of my nerves. 
Being my first baby and my husbands we didn't know what to expect. From the moment Madison joined us in the room the day of, to the moment she left after having the baby, it was pure gold. 
I couldn't picture that day without her. She was there through every contraction, every foot rub, motivational speaking, feeding me popsicles. She was truly a person that made me feel safe. The support she not only gave me but gave my husband made him much more comfortable and felt as if he could support me better with her talking him through it. 
I can't thank her enough and will forever be thanking her for being there and helping us. I couldn't recommend this woman enough. 
We love her and my daughter will know when she's older, Madison was there with open arms like she was family. Thank you so so much to Madison.  <3"

Katlin S.

"Anyone who is seeking to have a Doula help them with their pregnancy and their labor.
I highly recommend Madison she guided me and coach me through my entire pregnancy and labor.
She went above and beyond anything I could’ve expected.
Madison is so kind hearted. She has such a calm energy about her.
She motivated and encouraged me in every step of my labor and delivery. She was there to hold and my hand my leg?? she guided me through the hardest thing I would ever go through. Bringing my daughter into the world.
You got through Something that is so personal and intimate and vulnerable. Having her there in those moments to support me was something so special.
She brought an essential oils diffuser and a fan with her. (Which I never would’ve thought of)
We laughed we cried, she is so personable, she’s easy to relate to. She has such a beautiful soul about her.
What I expected to be the most stressful day of my life she made relaxing, fun, intimate and special to my husband and I.
Thank you so much Madison for being a part of our journey! I couldn’t of done it without you!!
Love Jessica"

Jessica S.

"Madison was so wonderful, I couldn't have asked for a better doula to go through labor with. She was so loving and friendly towards me and my husband and she stayed with us through the whole labor. And I was more or less in continuous labor for 48 hours. She was thorough in answering mine and my husbands questions and concerns and was extremely attentive and attuned to my needs. She couldn't have possibly done anything more. It was an absolute pleasure to meet her and have her with me during delivery. I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone, especially someone who feels they need a dear and close friend to be with them."

Shelby K.

"Madison was an absolute God send. I had been working with a different doula throughout my pregnancy but when I went into labor, my doula had another client come in right before me and Madison was assigned to me. First time mom and was very nervous and a little disappointed to not be with the doula I already knew and was comfortable with. However, Madison immediately made my husband and I feel comfortable and eased our nerves. She was very personable and knowledgeable. We could tell she is passionate about her job and truly wanted us to have the best experience. I was a FTM in labor at 41 weeks and 4 days. I was dilated between a 6 and 7 when I came to the hospital and things were moving pretty quickly. Then my labor suddenly stalled and I felt extreme pressure and pain on my right hip. Madison asked the nurse to check my baby’s position. If she wouldn’t have done this, we would not have known my baby was OP (face up). Madison immediately jumped into action and had my husband do hip compressions while she put me into different positions to try to move my baby in position. She made sure I was hydrated throughout my entire labor and diffused my essential oils and fed me popsicles. She took pictures of my birth that we will cherish forever. After my birth, Madison brought me a sandwich and made me the most delicious juice drink. She truly went above and beyond. When i look back on my first birth (something I was so scared of), I feel so much joy. I can not recommend Madison enough and will be calling her for my next one."

Calli M.

 "I and my husband had the pleasure of working with Madison for the delivery of our third son. This was our first time working with a doula, and we wished that Madison was there for our other deliveries! Her knowledge about labor and delivery was apparent and helpful. My husband and I were grateful to have her as our birth doula, she was there for us every step of the way. She is so compassionate, open-minded, kind, and helpful. I can’t imagine going through my birth without her. Madison helped get me through many challenging moments during labor and I am so grateful. We highly recommend her and would love to work with her again.  We cannot thank her enough!"

Joy A.