"This was my first pregnancy and Madison was a great help. She would do weekly check-ins. She always checked on me after my doctors appointments. If I had any questions she was there to help and give me resources. Her advice was always genuine. If she was unavailable she would let me know and told me she had someone else if I went to labor. The day I went into labor she was amazing. Even though we had only meet once she felt like a friend. As soon as she got into the room she came to me and helped with labor pains. She also told my husband how he could help. My parents also loved her because she was so attentive to me. She answered there questions and took pictures. Right after I gave birth she was there with a snack. She stayed till I was settled in. I can not thank Madison enough for her help. My labor and delivery would have been so different and more difficult without her. I am so thankful that I had Madison there with me that day."

Elaura Martinez